Sodium metanitrobenzne su..
       Basic Rhodamine ..
       Acid nigrosine crystal..
       Oil soluble aniline black..
       Alcohol soluble aniline b..
       Nitrobenzene ..
       Reserve salt S ..

Appearance: yellow powder
Content :90%min
Ionicity: anion
PH 7-9(1% solution )
Stability: resistance to acid, alkali and hard water
Moisture : ≤3%

Output 100T/M
Packing :25kg P.P. woven bag
Price:USD675 FOB CMP negotiable 
Reserve salt S is mainly used as anti-whitening agent, or color light protectant, or used as fixing agent of of relief on printed cloth, and white background protectant.
Packing & storage
25kg in plastic bag lined woven bag, kept in cool and ventilating place.