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Product name:     Sodium metanitrobenzne sulfonate
Appearance:      white powder

Purity:90% min&96%min

Ionicity: anion
PH 7-9(1% solution )
Stability: resistance to acid, alkali and hard water
Solubility: excellent
Moisture : 3% max

Mainly used as nickel remover in the plating, dye intermediate, used to make vanillin; or used as mild oxidant, or used as placarder auxiliary for vat dye and sulfur dye while printing. It also can be used as oxidant of synthetic dye. Moreover, it is is mainly used as anti-whitening agent, or color light protectant, or used as fixing agent of of relief on printed cloth, and white background protectant.
Packing & storage 25kg p.p bag lined woven bag, kept in cool and ventilating place.
Output 200Mton/Month
Packing P.P.woven bags & big bags like 300kg,500kg,1000kg.
Specification 90%MIN & 96%MIN