Sodium metanitrobenzne su..
       Basic Rhodamine ..
       Acid nigrosine crystal..
       Oil soluble aniline black..
       Alcohol soluble aniline b..
       Nitrobenzene ..
       Reserve salt S ..
  About us

Dezhou Hongqiao Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd. (former Dezhou Dyestuff Chemical Plant) is one of important manufacturing bases in China for dyestuff. Hongqiao has experienced a lot of difficulties and great development since it was founded 20 years ago. Up to now, our "Qiao" serial products (dye, pigment, intermediate, printing & dyeing auxiliary series) are well known for excellent quality and reputation, and the annual outputs have reached 50,000 tons. Now, our products are well sold in over 30 countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, as well as domestic market, and we successfully become the first choice of foreign trade companies. We yearly import and export about USD 10 million of products now. 

Located at the south side of North external-cycle road and west of Hongqiao road in the Tianqu Industrial Park of Dezhou city, we enjoy good location and convenient traffic for we are very close to the exit of North Expressway of Dezhou. We sincerely welcome your investment and cooperation!

Main products and services: dyes; pigments; intermediates; printing & dyeing auxiliaries; Sodium metanitrobenzne sulfonate; Basic Rhodamine; Acid nigrosine crystal; Oil soluble aniline black; Alcohol soluble aniline black; Phthalocyanine green; reserve salt; Alkaline purple; Phthalocyanine blue; nitrobenzene; Direct fast bright blue GL; 3-Diethylaminophenol.